Do you live in (or around) Huntly and push a pram? Would you like to get involved with the project? There’s a printed mini-guide that you can pick up from Deveron Arts, or from Catrin Jeans at one of her sessions at the Linden Centre, but if you prefer to go paper free here’s the content of the guide:

Welcome to Perambulator. It’s a project about walking with a pram or a pushchair.

This guide is designed to start you thinking about your everyday walks and the routes that you use to get from A to B. It has a series of questions in it, and space for you to make notes. There’s a map of Huntly at the back that you can mark routes and other features on, or just use for reference.

If you’d like to ask any questions about it, or discuss it in more detail please feel free to get in touch with Catrin Jeans at Deveron Arts:, tel: 01466 794494, or with me, Clare Qualmann: tel: 0778 2271989.

Where do you walk in Huntly? Actually in the town rather than out into the countryside – not a ‘going for a walk’ but your everyday routes?

for example:

to work

to a friends house

to the swimming pool

to the pub

to the bus stop

to the train station

to the shops/supermarket

to nursery

to school

to the playground

map these routes on your map.

Do you share routes with anyone else?

Are there common points that you walk to and from?

Do you use different routes to get to the same place?

Are there anymore that you can think of?

Reflect on why you choose the routes that you take:

Do you avoid anything in particular? e.g. busy roads? or steep hills?

Do you intentionally go past certain things? e.g. a useful shop or a friends house to call for someone on the way?

Mark these on the map too.

Are there any routes/roads that you wouldn’t walk down? Or have never walked down?

Over the next days/week(s) try to keep a record of all of your walks. These could be marked on the map, or just noted down as directions. Don’t worry if you don’t always have time to do it – just record as many as you can. Try to include even the shortest walks (e.g from the car park into the supermarket). When you are walking notice the decisions that you make – where do you cross the road? Which side of the street to you like to walk on?

Do you ever (have you ever) needed to walk your kids to sleep? Do you (or did you) need to keep walking to keep them asleep? What are your favourite/recommended routes for nap walks in Huntly?

Are there any walks that you’d like to do, or routes that you’d like to take, but know that are impossible with a pram?

Would you share one of your walks with me? Please send your suggestions for good (or bad) pram walking routes for me to try, or let me know if there’s a walk you’d like to take me on.