Walk Three

Walk three, day three, we took the hire car back today, so now we’re really walking. We’re also a 2-buggy family now, having picked up a Maclaren at the car boot sale, along… Continue reading

Walk two

We are settling in today, unpacking and finding our feet. Just been out for a short walk to get Ernest to have a nap. Here’s the route (in red)  

walk one!

We arrived in Huntly today, after a very easy journey, and set off almost straight away for a walk into town, to find some lunch and buy a few supplies and to stretch… Continue reading

Baby walk and picnic, Saturday 10th May 2014

Join us for a walk on the pram/pushchair accessible part of Deveron Arts’ Slow Marathon route. We’ll meet in the Square and walk up to the Clash for a picnic tea, greeting the… Continue reading

It’s not buggy fit

When I’ve told people that I’m working on a project about walking with prams a couple of them have asked if it’s like buggyfit….. well no it’s not. Not that I think buggyfit… Continue reading

maternity leaves lizzie philps

I came across Lizzie Philps’s work at the ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ exhibition at AirSpace gallery in Stoke on Trent. This project in particular really stuck with me (and chimes with the thinking behind the… Continue reading


This blog documents the Perambulator project during my stay in Huntly throughout May 2014. It also includes a record of Perambulator New York, September 2018. Occasional updates on the wider project also find… Continue reading

There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall

One strand of the Perambulator project (a really important one) addresses how I can, as an artist, continue to make work now that I have children. This quote, from the writer Cyril Connolly’s… Continue reading

Prams and drifting

Looking for references to prams and psychogeography, I came across Fernando Sdrigotti’s article Clerkenwell: Drift and Prams in the psychogeographic review. He writes “I used to spend several hours every morning walking in… Continue reading

Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now

I went to a great seminar at Senate House yesterday, entitled ‘Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now’ it was part of the Institute of Historical Research’s ‘Conversations and Disputations’ series. In 1915, Margaret… Continue reading