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Everyday choreography: the pram walk

While making the Pram Naps series of images with Ruby as a baby I thought a lot about the everyday performances that walking with the pram prompts. I have been trying to capture… Continue reading

Fort Greene and Long Island City 17th September

It’s my last day in New York and I travel to Fort Greene for a meeting. I consider the bus, but decide that folding the pram is more trouble than carrying up and… Continue reading

Long Island City 15th September

A small group meets at Flux Factory on Saturday morning for a walk around the neighbourhood. Straight away talk turns to how awkward it is to cross New York City with a stroller… Continue reading

Pram carrying in NYC

Getting in and out of the subway in New York City is a feat of strength. Astrid is still quite small and light, and I can lift the pram with her in it… Continue reading

Lower Manhattan 16th September

After the creative energy of my first few days; feeling invincible, strong, capable, I am now seriously tired. I start to look at the subway map for stations with disability access – and… Continue reading

Perambulator New York

Perambulator NewYork City 13th – 17th September 2018 In 2014 I spent a month walking in the Scottish town of Huntly (pop. 4800) with my baby daughter in the pram. It is a… Continue reading

Saunter Trek Escort Parade (STEP)

Photographs from the Huntly ‘Edge’ series will be included in the forthcoming exhibition Saunter Trek Escort Parade (STEP) at Flux Factory and Queens Museum, New York City, September 6th – 30th, and October… Continue reading

Blackheath Forest: Ecologies of Practice

On June 13th Blake Morris and I led a workshop walking with the Centre for Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey in Blackheath Forest. I have to confess that my contribution to… Continue reading

Ecologies of Practice workshop 13.06.18

On June 13th Blake Morris and I will lead a workshop for the Centre for Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey. This will draw together threads from our walking art practices focusing… Continue reading

Labors: An Exhibition Exploring the Complexities of Motherhood

Several photographs from my Pram Naps series are included in this forthcoming exhibition at the Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University, USA. Labors: An Exhibition Exploring the Complexities of Motherhood runs from Monday,… Continue reading