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Long Island City and Dutch Kills 14th September

I meet Bibi Calderaro at Flux factory in Queens to go for a walk together. We are multi tasking – checking my route for the walk tomorrow, and also walking Chris Green’s ‘Radically… Continue reading

Greenwich Village/Washington Park, 14th September

We head into Manhattan to meet up with a friend who is working in Greenwich Village. I arrive early, thinking that we’ll have a walk around the neighbourhood first. We come out of… Continue reading

New York mega drift 13th September

Day one in New York, having arrived on a night flight at 10pm the night before, Astrid woke at around 3am, thinking it was morning. We tried to stay quiet in the small… Continue reading

walk with Rhona and Isabella

I meet up with Rhona and her 10month old daughter Isabella in the Square. We decide to walk out past the castle hotel, and to turn right rather than left as neither of… Continue reading

Deveron riverside walk

I set out to test the passability of the path alongside the Deveron. I try a different route to get there, though a little bit of Huntly that I’ve not had reason to… Continue reading

Bahill walk, 12th May

I set out this afternoon, on Deborah’s suggestion, to try and walk up Bahill with the pram. I have a bit of a false start, but I definitely tested a few edges today.… Continue reading

Baby slow marathon and picnic, 10th May

Despite threatening to rain all day we were lucky with the weather, and even had a moment or two of brightness as we walked up the Clashmach, just past the last house, to… Continue reading

Family Walk in the woods

    We decide to repeat the walk that I did with Ernest up Battlehill into the woods. We walk the other way to get there, down the lane and around. We see… Continue reading

Battlehill Walk, 7th May

After my walk with Janice I head back to the house to get dry and give Ruby some lunch. Ernest hasn’t had a nap yet, so I take him out in the rain… Continue reading

Testing the route for Saturday’s baby walk

In preparation for Saturday’s walk and picnic tea Catrin, Debbie and I, along with Ruby in the pram, walked up the Clash to see how far we could get with the pram. We made… Continue reading