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Greenwich Village/Washington Park, 14th September

We head into Manhattan to meet up with a friend who is working in Greenwich Village. I arrive early, thinking that we’ll have a walk around the neighbourhood first. We come out of… Continue reading

walk with Rhona and Isabella

I meet up with Rhona and her 10month old daughter Isabella in the Square. We decide to walk out past the castle hotel, and to turn right rather than left as neither of… Continue reading

walk with Ingrid Penny

I meet Ingrid outside the Jubilee Hospital to have a walk and a chat about her work as a Community Health Improvement Advisor in the Upper Marr area.  She needs to go to the… Continue reading

walk with Susan and Joshua

Susan and Joshua meet me in the Square for the Tuesday lunchtime walk – we wait ’til 1.15 but they are the only ones today. We decide to walk down past the castle… Continue reading

Walk with Daisy, Debbi and Emily

I meet up with Daisy and Debbi (Rhynie Woman) to talk about food for our pram walk event next week. Debbi is looking after her granddaughter Emily, who is 6months old, and needs… Continue reading

Deveron riverside walk

I set out to test the passability of the path alongside the Deveron. I try a different route to get there, though a little bit of Huntly that I’ve not had reason to… Continue reading

walk with Emma and Ciaran

I meet Emma outside the Linden centre after she drops Aiden off at nursery. She has Ciaran in the pram. I have both kids with me and it’s a bit of a slow start… Continue reading

Walk with Teresa, Jasmine and Brianna

I meet up with Teresa and her daughters to go for a walk after messy play and byob at the Linden centre. I ask them to choose a walk that they might usually… Continue reading

Bahill walk, 12th May

I set out this afternoon, on Deborah’s suggestion, to try and walk up Bahill with the pram. I have a bit of a false start, but I definitely tested a few edges today.… Continue reading

Dillon de Give: Walking with a Stroller

Re-blogged from  12 October 2013 The majority of my walking in the past four months has taken place in a small park across the street from my apartment. I take my son for… Continue reading