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Long Island City 15th September

A small group meets at Flux Factory on Saturday morning for a walk around the neighbourhood. Straight away talk turns to how awkward it is to cross New York City with a stroller… Continue reading

New York mega drift 13th September

Day one in New York, having arrived on a night flight at 10pm the night before, Astrid woke at around 3am, thinking it was morning. We tried to stay quiet in the small… Continue reading

walk with Rhona and Isabella

I meet up with Rhona and her 10month old daughter Isabella in the Square. We decide to walk out past the castle hotel, and to turn right rather than left as neither of… Continue reading

walk with Susan and Joshua

Susan and Joshua meet me in the Square for the Tuesday lunchtime walk – we wait ’til 1.15 but they are the only ones today. We decide to walk down past the castle… Continue reading

walk with Emma and Ciaran

I meet Emma outside the Linden centre after she drops Aiden off at nursery. She has Ciaran in the pram. I have both kids with me and it’s a bit of a slow start… Continue reading

Walk with Teresa, Jasmine and Brianna

I meet up with Teresa and her daughters to go for a walk after messy play and byob at the Linden centre. I ask them to choose a walk that they might usually… Continue reading

Huntly loop walk with Janice and Robin

Janice and her daughter Robin take Ruby and I on a walk around the loop that’s recently been improved by the Huntly development trust, with the addition of a footpath alongside the road… Continue reading

Battlehill walk with Anna, Maila and Ben

Anna and Maila (and Ben the dog) take Ruby and I for a walk. Because it’s bin day, and because Anna hardly ever uses one, I leave the pushchair at the office and… Continue reading

maternity leaves lizzie philps

I came across Lizzie Philps’s work at the ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ exhibition at AirSpace gallery in Stoke on Trent. This project in particular really stuck with me (and chimes with the thinking behind the… Continue reading

Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now

I went to a great seminar at Senate House yesterday, entitled ‘Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now’ it was part of the Institute of Historical Research’s ‘Conversations and Disputations’ series. In 1915, Margaret… Continue reading