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Long Island City 15th September

A small group meets at Flux Factory on Saturday morning for a walk around the neighbourhood. Straight away talk turns to how awkward it is to cross New York City with a stroller… Continue reading

Perambulator Parade

Around 30 prams and pushchairs joined the parade, following the Perambulator banner up past the castle to the Linden Centre. We started to straggle out a little as we went along – held… Continue reading

Parade preparation

I began the day with a flag making workshop at the Wee Toots Messy Play group: 16 two and three year olds made hand prints onto cloth, which was then transformed into flags… Continue reading

Flags, Banners, Pram Brooches

Here are the BYOB babies getting stuck in to some fabric decorating, the fruits of their labour will be transformed into flags, banners and pram brooches for the parade on Wednesday.

Baby slow marathon and picnic, 10th May

Despite threatening to rain all day we were lucky with the weather, and even had a moment or two of brightness as we walked up the Clashmach, just past the last house, to… Continue reading

Testing the route for Saturday’s baby walk

In preparation for Saturday’s walk and picnic tea Catrin, Debbie and I, along with Ruby in the pram, walked up the Clash to see how far we could get with the pram. We made… Continue reading

Baby walk and picnic, Saturday 10th May 2014

Join us for a walk on the pram/pushchair accessible part of Deveron Arts’ Slow Marathon route. We’ll meet in the Square and walk up to the Clash for a picnic tea, greeting the… Continue reading