Pram carrying in NYC

Getting in and out of the subway in New York City is a feat of strength. Astrid is still quite small and light, and I can lift the pram with her in it to get down the stairs. It is physically challenging, and tiring the more that I do it.

It’s also pretty tricky to document as I am usually on my own with Astrid! On a couple of occasions, when people ask me if they can help me carry, I instead ask them if they can document what I’m doing – handing over my phone for them to take pictures.

During the course of the trip I descend from a feeling of supercharged strength – lifting and carrying without pause – to a gradual tiring. I find myself examining the metro map for stations with lifts and accessible interchanges, walking further to avoid the up and down of the steps. As jet lag hits and the almost non-stop walking takes its toll I become more and more reluctant to heave and lift.