Perambulator New York

Perambulator NewYork City 13th – 17th September 2018

In 2014 I spent a month walking in the Scottish town of Huntly (pop. 4800) with my baby daughter in the pram. It is a small town, and I kept on hitting the edges. This became one of the focuses of my residency (with Huntly’s Deveron Projects); the edges of the town for the pram. I followed paths that led outwith, stopping when I reached a point past which I could not push, and photographing that place. In September 2018 the photographs from Scotland were included in an international group show ‘Saunter, Trek, Escort, Parade (STEP) at Flux Factory in New York. I developed a plan to travel to New York for the show, and to make a new set of images there that considered the limits of accessibility for a pram in the urban environment – a contrast and a counterpoint to the Scottish project.IMG_20180913_101020859