Monthly Archive: September, 2018

Fort Greene and Long Island City 17th September

It’s my last day in New York and I travel to Fort Greene for a meeting. I consider the bus, but decide that folding the pram is more trouble than carrying up and… Continue reading

Long Island City 15th September

A small group meets at Flux Factory on Saturday morning for a walk around the neighbourhood. Straight away talk turns to how awkward it is to cross New York City with a stroller… Continue reading

Pram carrying in NYC

Getting in and out of the subway in New York City is a feat of strength. Astrid is still quite small and light, and I can lift the pram with her in it… Continue reading

Lower Manhattan 16th September

After the creative energy of my first few days; feeling invincible, strong, capable, I am now seriously tired. I start to look at the subway map for stations with disability access – and… Continue reading

Perambulator New York

Perambulator NewYork City 13th – 17th September 2018 In 2014 I spent a month walking in the Scottish town of Huntly (pop. 4800) with my baby daughter in the pram. It is a… Continue reading

Long Island City and Dutch Kills 14th September

I meet Bibi Calderaro at Flux factory in Queens to go for a walk together. We are multi tasking – checking my route for the walk tomorrow, and also walking Chris Green’s ‘Radically… Continue reading

Greenwich Village/Washington Park, 14th September

We head into Manhattan to meet up with a friend who is working in Greenwich Village. I arrive early, thinking that we’ll have a walk around the neighbourhood first. We come out of… Continue reading

New York mega drift 13th September

Day one in New York, having arrived on a night flight at 10pm the night before, Astrid woke at around 3am, thinking it was morning. We tried to stay quiet in the small… Continue reading