Walk with Daisy, Debbi and Emily

I meet up with Daisy and Debbi (Rhynie Woman) to talk about food for our pram walk event next week. Debbi is looking after her granddaughter Emily, who is 6months old, and needs to have a sleep. We decide to walk and talk to try and get her to nap. After some wrestling with the pram we set off, Ruby is falling asleep on me as we get going too, and transfers into her pram to continue her nap as well.


As we walk we talk about food for toddlers and for babies; hiding vegetables in cake, and scones and pancakes; finger food; packaging. We talk about food in Huntly (or the lack of it); we talk about the Scottish sweet tooth and crisps. We talk about the oil industry and fathers coming and going, and other work that takes parents away.  Emily has fallen asleep in her pram. We talk about extended families and taking care of children.  We talk about fruitsicles and vegsicles and what the weather will be like next week. We talk about string-formed food (other than liquorice /sweets), and about food necklaces, salad necklaces. We agree to go away and think about possibilities…….

We part ways outside Esson’s window – a display of alcohol forming the backdrop for our photo!