Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Prams and drifting

Looking for references to prams and psychogeography, I came across Fernando Sdrigotti’s article Clerkenwell: Drift and Prams in the psychogeographic review. He writes “I used to spend several hours every morning walking in… Continue reading

Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now

I went to a great seminar at Senate House yesterday, entitled ‘Fertility and Maternity, Then and Now’ it was part of the Institute of Historical Research’s ‘Conversations and Disputations’ series. In 1915, Margaret… Continue reading

Perambulator beginnings

The first live event to take place as ‘perambulator’ was commissioned as part of ‘Chain’ 24th May 2012 at Lewisham Art House ‘Chain’ was a seven-hour series of multi-disciplinary performances by artists, musicians and… Continue reading